Steel Frontier (1995) IMDb

Steel Frontier

01:45:00 | Action | IMDb rating: 4.9

Keywords: 50 Calibre Machine Gun, Abandoned House, Ambush, Animal Killing, Anti Hero, Armored Car, Army, Atheist, Attempted Rape, Automobile, Axe, Axe In The Chest, Bar, Barber, Bare Chested Male, Barn, Battle, Bell Tower, Blood On Camera Lens, Blood Spatter, Body Bag, Body Torn In Half, Bomb, Bounty Hunter, Branding, Brawl, Bus Accident, Campfire, Cannibal, Cap, Car Accident, Car Crash, Card Game, Cave, Chase, Child In Peril, Chimney, Christ Allegory, Cigar Smoking, Cigarette Smoking, Coffin, Corpse, Cowboy Hat, Crucifix, Damsel In Distress, Death, Death Of Son, Deception, Desert, Desert Eagle, Devastated Landscape, Drifter, Drunkenness, Duel, Dynamite, Electrocution, Execution, Exploding Building, Exploding Bus, Exploding Car, Exploding Motorcycle, Exploding Truck, Explosion, Explosive, Falling From Height, Farmer, Father Daughter Relationship, Father Son Relationship, Fight, Fisticuffs, Forced Suicide, Friendly Fire, Gang, Gash In The Face, Gatling Gun, Geiger Counter, General, Grandfather Grandson Relationship, Grenade, Gunfight, Hack Saw, Handgun, Harmonica, Head Butt, Held At Gunpoint, Hit In The Crotch, Hostage, Independent Film, Initiation Rite, Kicked In The Face, Knife, Knife In The Chest, Knife Throwing, Loner, Machete, Machine Gun, Machismo, Makeshift, Man With No Name, Marauder, Martial Arts, Massacre, Mayor, Mercenary, Mercy Killing, Militia, Mother Son Relationship, Motorcycle, Murder, Neck Breaking, Nosebleed, Outrunning Explosion, Pistol, Plane Crash, Poker, Police Car, Poncho, Post Apocalypse, Preacher, Psychopath, Punched In The Face, Rat, Resistance, Retard, Revenge, Rifle, Rope, Sadism, Sadist, Saloon, School Bus, Self Surgery, Sex Slave, Shaving, Sheriff, Shootout, Shot In The Arm, Shot In The Back, Shot In The Chest, Shot In The Face, Shot In The Forehead, Shot In The Head, Shot In The Shoulder, Shot In The Side, Shot Through A Window, Shot To Death, Slavery, Slingshot, Small Town, Soldier, Strangulation, Surprise Ending, Tank, Terrorism, Tire, Torture, Tower, Tracking Device, Trap, Treating A Wound, Truck, Truck Accident, Tunnel, Veteran, Violence, Wanted Poster, Warrior, Whisky.


Mad Max meets the Man With No Name in this futuristic story of a gunfighter (Joe Lara), who goes after a band of marauders who are terrorizing everyone and killing indiscriminately. As with the spaghetti westerns, the lone gunman enters into a town where the people have lost the will to fight back and proceeds to kill off the bad guys single-handedly. But once he is out-numbered totally and wounded, some do find the capability to fight back. Chief of those who try to aid him is a widow (Stacie Foster) with a young son. Brion James plays the general in charge of the marauders.

Director(s): Joe Hart, Paul G. Volk,

Writer(s): Joe Hart.
Producer(s): Scott McAboy. Joseph Merhi. Richard Pepin. Gilbert Alexander Wadsworth III. Scott Hohnbaum.


Studio: PM Entertainment Group.

Origin: USA

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