Invasion for Flesh and Blood (1994) IMDb

Invasion for Flesh and Blood

01:30:00 | Comedy, Horror | IMDb rating: 4.4

Keywords: Alien, Alien Invasion, Android, B Movie, Castration, Cocaine, Independent Film, Low Budget Film, Nude Woman Murdered, Nudity, Peeping Tom, Rape, Voyeur.


Something strange is afoot in the suburbs of New Jersey! Carnivorous entities from out of this world have invaded the Garden State, seeking out the tastiest dish in the entire universe: human flesh! Now only a gang of burnt-out metalheads and one sexy psychic starlet can stand up to the alien invaders devious plans of world domination and human consumption!

Director(s): Warren F. Disbrow,

Writer(s): Warren F. Disbrow.
Producer(s): Warren F. Disbrow.


Studio: Visual Experience Productions.

Origin: USA

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