Chôjin densetsu Urotsukidôji: Hôrô hen (1994) IMDb

02:15:00 | Animation, Fantasy, Horror | IMDb rating: 5.9

Keywords: 2010s, Anime, Apocalypse, Atrocity, Bare Breasts, Based On Comic Book, Based On Manga, Blood, Blow Job, Breast Suckling, Brother Brother Relationship, Brutality, Character Name In Title, City In Ruins, City Of Children, Claw, Controversy, Corpse, Corruption, Creature, Cruelty, Cult Favorite, Dark Power, Dark Secret, Dead Body, Dead Boy, Dead Girl, Dead Woman, Death, Decadence, Degradation, Demon, Demon Rape, Depravity, Desire, Destroyed City, Dystopia, End Of The World, Erection, Erotica, Evil Child, Explicit Sex, Fellatio, Female Frontal Nudity, Female Nudity, Female Rear Nudity, Fictional War, Fiend, Fondling, Forces Of Evil, Fourth Part, Genital Monster, Gore, Green Hair, Group Sex, Hentai, Hidden Corpse, Horns, Infamy, Killer Child, Kiss, Kissing, Large Penises, Leg Spreading, Legend, Licking, Loss Of Control, Love, Macabre, Mad Child, Male Frontal Nudity, Male Nudity, Male Rear Nudity, Male Virgin, Masturbation, Moaning, Monster Rape, Murder, Mutant, Mutant Human, Mutated Human, Naked Dead Woman, Night, Nipples, Notorious, Nude Woman Murdered, Nudity, Occult, Oral Sex, Parallel World, Parallel Worlds, Pedophilia, Penetration, Penis, Perversion, Perversity, Phallus, Post Apocalypse, Power, Precocious Child, Psychic, Psychic Power, Psychotic Child, Rape, Rape Victim, Raped By Monster, Rapist, Rebirth, Revelation, Sadism, Sadist, Scream, Screaming, Secret, Sequel, Series Finale, Sex, Sex Monster, Sex With Minor, Sexual Assault, Sexual Attraction, Sexual Cruelty, Sexual Desire, Sexual Obsession, Sexual Tension, Sexual Violence, Sick Child, Sinister, Skinned Alive, Splatter, Strong Sexual Content, Supernatural Power, Surrealism, Teenage Girl, Teenage Love, Teenager Nudity, Underwear, Underworld, Unknown Female Corpse, Vagina, Vice, Virgin, Virginity, Wickedness.


It is the age of the Overfiend, and flesh-hungry monsters rule the Earth. Immortal half-demon Amano Jyaku travels the wasteland, witness to the rape and torture of the human race. The last hope for humanity is the demonic Lord of Chaos, the Overfiend's natural enemy. Will the world survive their final battle?

Director(s): Hideki Takayama,

Writer(s): Toshio Maeda.


Studio: West Cape.

Origin: Japan

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