Poison (1991) IMDb


01:25:00 | Drama, Horror | IMDb rating: 6.6

Keywords: Abusive Father, AIDS, Allegory, Anthology, Avant Garde, Based On Novel, Begins With A Quote, Blood, Boarding School, Controversy, Cult Favorite, Death Of Friend, Debut Film, Ejaculation, Epidemic, Experiment, Experimental Film, Extreme Film, Fear, Feces, Foreign Language Adaptation, Freedom, Gay, Gay Love, Gay Rights, Guilt, Homoeroticism, Homosexual, Illness, Independent Film, Juvenile Delinquent, Love, Low Budget Film, Male Frontal Nudity, Male Nudity, Metaphor, Multiple Narrators, Murder, Mutation, Nudity, Panic, Patricide, Persecution, Prison, Prison Sex, Prisoner, Punishment, Punk, Pus, Rape, Reform School, Scientist, Semen, Sex, Sexuality, Shame, Spanking, Spit, Surrealism, Sweat, Three Stories, Transgression, Urine, Voice Over Narration.


Three intercut stories about outsiders, sex and violence. In "Hero," Richie, at age 7, kills his father and flies away. After the event, a documentary in cheesy lurid colors asks what Richie was like and what led up to the shooting. In the black and white "Horror," a scientist isolates the elixir of human sexuality, drinks it, and becomes a festering, contagious murderer; a female colleague who loves him tries to help, to her peril. In "Homo," a prisoner in Fontenal prison is drawn to an inmate whom he knew some years before, at Baton juvenile institute, and whose humiliations he witnessed. This story is told in dim light, except for the bright flashbacks.

Director(s): Todd Haynes,

Writer(s): Jean Genet, Todd Haynes.
Producer(s): Brian Greenbaum. James Schamus. Christine Vachon. Lauren Zalaznick.


Studio: Bronze Eye Productions, Killer Films, Bronze Eye Productions.

Origin: USA

Budget: 250,000 $

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