Iria: Zeiram the Animation (1993) IMDb

Iria: Zeiram the Animation

02:31:00 | Action, Animation, Horror | IMDb rating: 7.2

Keywords: Anime, Bounty Hunter, Kid, Oav, Sequel, Shower, Space.


Iria is a newly-certified monster hunter who saves the life of a scientist working on the "Zeiram Project." Zeiram has been terrorizing local planets and kidnapping people to absorb their life force and clone them. When Iria meets up with a clone of her brother, her resolve is tested. Could her brother still be alive? Her friends help her track down the beast only to discover that it is calling for reinforcements. Iria must enter into a final showdown with Zeiram to save the planet and discover the truth about her missing brother.

Director(s): Tetsurô Animo, Yoshimi Katsumata, Naoyoshi Kusaka, Naohito Takahashi,

Writer(s): Keita Amemiya, Tetsurô Animo, Toshihisa Arakawa.
Producer(s): Masato Terada. Yasuhiro Hibi. Hiroshi Katô. Masaru Umehara.


Studio: Graphical Corporation Crowd Inc..

Origin: Japan

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