Dark Universe (1993) IMDb

Dark Universe

01:23:00 | Horror | IMDb rating: 3.2

Keywords: Alien, Armadillo, Astronaut, Blood Sucking, Crash, Female Journalist, Female Nudity, Gore, Independent Film, Monster, Space Mission, Spores, Swamp.


On its way back to Earth, the space shuttle Nautilus passes through a cloud of alien spores causing its sole occupant, astronaut Steve Thomas to transform into a blood-thirsty monster. The shuttle crashes into a swampy region of central Florida, creating a situation which threatens contagion and/or death to all who encounter the shuttle or its mutated pilot.

Director(s): Steve Latshaw,

Writer(s): Patrick Moran.
Producer(s): Fred Olen Ray. Jim Wynorski. Maxwell J. Beck. Steve Latshaw. Patrick Moran. Bently Tittle. Grant Austin Waldman.



Origin: USA

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