Bad Channels (1992) IMDb

01:28:00 | | IMDb rating: 4.2

Keywords: Alien, B Movie, Bound In Chains, California, Cult Favorite, Disc Jockey, Hospital, Independent Film, Miniaturization, Music Video, Radio, Reporter, Robot, Rock Music, Sequel, Shock Jock, Shrinking, Surprise Ending.


An alien lands in a small town and promptly takes over the local radio station. The disk jockey, Dan O' Dare, well known for his publicity stunts, becomes a hostage. The alien uses the radio station and Dan's amused audience to target and subsequently shrink women for his collection.

Director(s): Ted Nicolaou,

Writer(s): Jackson Barr, Charles Band.
Producer(s): Charles Band. Keith S. Payson.


Studio: Full Moon Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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