The Unborn (1991) IMDb

The Unborn

01:23:00 | Drama, Horror | IMDb rating: 3.7

Keywords: Abortion, Artificial Insemination, Breast Feeding, Car Accident, Cat, Coma, Crib, Cult Favorite, Experiment Gone Wrong, Fetus, Genetics, Gun, Independent Film, Lesbian, Mad Scientist, Monster, Mutant, Mutant Baby, Pregnancy, Rampage, Stabbed In The Eye, Stabbing, Technology.


A couple who cannot have children joins an in-vitro fertilization program. While she is with child, she finds strange occurrences happening within her body. The horror surrounding the child comes to light when the parents find that their child has been part of a mad experiment.

Director(s): Rodman Flender,

Writer(s): John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris.
Producer(s): Roger Corman. Mike Elliott. Rodman Flender.


Studio: Califilm, Califilm.

Origin: USA

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