Alien Beasts (1991) IMDb

01:14:00 | Action, Animation, Horror | IMDb rating: 4.8

Keywords: Amputation, Aqueduct, Arrow, Blood, Breasts, Fallout, Female Nudity, Fire, Hand, Independent Film, Martial Arts, Meat Cleaver, Mutilation, Part Animated, Radiation, Repetition, Stop Motion, Traitor, Voyeurism.


Carl J. Sukenick is the commander of a branch of the CIA, battling terrorists with martial arts, while his dad keeps watch in the security center. Neal was sent out, but is a traitor, and he was mutated by a radiation blast. He sends Sara Shell to meet her husband, Agent Mark Shell, and daughter Sheila, but the three are brutally maimed and murdered by enemy agents. One cuts off Sara's hand for no apparent reason. A female enemy agent breaks into the base to steal weapons, so Carl sends his friend Joe to investigate. After lolling topless with the weapons for about ten minutes, the agent finally suits up with the gear, only to be accosted by Joe, who attempts to rape her. A radiation blast from Neal the Traitor, who is wandering around an aqueduct killing passersby, mutates Joe as well. Carl says they knew nothing of the "hideous extra-dimensional being" breaking into this dimension...

Director(s): Carl J. Sukenick,

Writer(s): Carl J. Sukenick.
Producer(s): Carl J. Sukenick.


Studio: C.J.S. Film & Tape Production & Distribution Ent..

Origin: USA

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