Sex Trek II: The Search for Sperm (1991) IMDb

01:13:00 | Adult, Comedy | IMDb rating: 6.1

Keywords: Alien, Alien Sex, Collar, Ejaculation, Female Society, Genitalia, Hardcore, Human Alien Sexual Relations, Interspecies Sex, Lesbian Sex, Nipple Pinching, Number In Title, Nurse, Orgasm, Penis, Porn Parody, Roman Numeral In Title, Second Part, Sequel, Sex, Shaved Vagina, Star Trek Spoof, Starship.


Captain James Quirk and the crew of the Starship Plunderer search an uncharted star system for their missing First Officer, Mr. Sperm, who was abducted by a race of 7000 sex-starved space babes wanting to worship the mightiest penis in the universe.

Director(s): Scotty Fox,

Writer(s): Cash Markman.
Producer(s): Scotty Fox.


Studio: Moonlight Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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