Jaianto robo: Animeshon (1991) IMDb

Jaianto robo: Animeshon

00:45:00 | Action, Animation, Drama | IMDb rating: 8.1

Keywords: Anime, Based On Comic, Based On Manga, Futuristic, Giant Robot, Loss Of Father, Martial Arts, Remake, Robot, Super Powers, Tragedy, Violence.


In the year 2039, mankind has found a pure, clean, and infinetly recyclable power source known as the Shizuma Drive. It has served its purpose well, until now. Big Fire, a power-mad underworld organization, has found a way of making all Shizuma Drives inoperable. Luckily, a branch of InterPol, known as the Experts of Justice, have discovered this scheme. Now only Daisaku Kusama, a young Expert member, must control Giant Robo to battle the evils of Big Fire.

Director(s): Yasuhiro Imagawa,

Writer(s): Yasuhiro Imagawa, Eiichi Yamamoto, Mitsuteru Yokoyama.
Producer(s): Minoru Takanashi. Minoru Nakazawa. Takashi Ohashi.



Origin: Japan

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