Zapped Again! (1990) IMDb

Zapped Again!

01:36:00 | Comedy | IMDb rating: 3.5

Keywords: Black Panties, Bully, Bully Comeuppance, Independent Film, Schoolyard Fight, See Through Panties, Sequel, Teen, Teen Scientist, Teen Sex Comedy, Telekinesis.


A new kid moves into school, making enemies with the affluent societies and joining the beleaguered Science Club. But when an old potion is discovered to confer telekinetic power he gets the chance to get his own back, as well as having a bit of fun on the side.

Director(s): Doug Campbell,

Writer(s): Bruce Rubin, Robert J. Rosenthal, Jack Morris, Jack Morris, Vince Cheung, Ben Montanio.
Producer(s): Jeff Apple. Herb Linsey. Robert J. Rosenthal.


Studio: Incorporated Television Company (ITC).

Origin: USA

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