A.D. Police File 2: The Ripper (1990) IMDb

A.D. Police File 2: The Ripper

00:40:00 | Animation, Short | IMDb rating: 6.7

Keywords: Anime, Cyberpunk, Cyborg, Police, Serial Killer, Sexism.


On an abandoned, yet operating, subway section called the Paradise Loop, there have been a series of horrificly brutal prostitute murders. While there is evidence to suggest that a boomer android is involved, a young female cop believes that a human female is the culprit. This gets her assigned to a joint investigation with the AD Police which handles boomer crimes. In a seemingly unrelated matter, this cop is contemplating replacing an irritating eye for a cybernetic implant. It is a personal matter that has a link to her case that she never expected.

Director(s): Akira Nishimori,

Producer(s): Toshimichi Suzuki.



Origin: Japan

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