A.D. Police File 1: The Phantom Woman (1990) IMDb

A.D. Police File 1: The Phantom Woman

00:40:00 | Animation, Crime | IMDb rating: 7.0

Keywords: Android, Anime, Cyberpunk, Police, Robot.


In the future, many difficult and undesirable jobs are handled by specially designed androids called BUMAs or boomers. Unfortunately, many of them have a danger to going beserk and when that happens, only the AD Police are equipped and trained to deal with them. When one AD cop is killed in one of these missions, his life insurance may be cancelled due to some unanswered questions. To clear that up, two cops decided to investigate the target android's background on their free time. Unknown to them, another android is following them with her own agenda...

Director(s): Takamasa Ikegami,

Producer(s): Toshimichi Suzuki.



Origin: Japan

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