Spriggan (1998) IMDb


01:30:00 | Adventure, Animation | IMDb rating: 6.5

Keywords: Airplane, Ambition, Anime, Archeology, Arm Cut Off, Artifact, Assassin, Based On Comic, Blizzard, Blood, Blown To Pieces, Body Bag, Broken Arm, Broken Glass, Brutality, Car, Car Chase, Chase On The Roof, Cruelty, Cut By Wires, Cut Into Pieces, Cyborg, Danger, Destruction, Espionage, Evil Child, Evil Power, Exploding Helicopter, Explosion, Female Scientist, Fight, Fighting, Gatling Gun, Good Versus Evil, Gun, Gun Battle, Helicopter, High School, Hit By Car, Istanbul Turkey, Kicked In The Face, Machine Gun, Megalomaniac, Menace, Mountain, Nightmare, One Word Title, Pentagon, Power, Psionic Power, Roof, Roof Chase, Rooftop Chase, Run, Sadism, Scientist, Secret Agent, Secret Identity, Shooting, Shot In The Chest, Shot To Death, Shotgun, Snow, Snowmobile, Special Ops, Stabbed In The Chest, Suicide Bomber, Superhuman Strength, Sword Fight, Teenage Boy, Teenage Hero, Tension, Turkey The Country, Violence.


Yu is a young man who has a past he desperately wants to forget. His present is that he is a superhuman top agent for Arcan, an organization dedicated to protecting ancient artifacts to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. However, he receives several bloody messages, culminating in the suicide of a friend, telling that Noah would be his death. In response, Yu travels to Turkey to visit the Arcan dig at Mount Arrat, where Noah's Ark is supposed to have rested. Along the way there and at the destination, he learns of forces of his past have returned to stop him and sieze control of the Ark, which turns out to be an alien device of ultimate power.

Director(s): Hirotsugu Kawasaki,

Writer(s): Yasutaka Itô, Hirotsugu Kawasaki.


Studio: Bandai Visual Company, Studio 4°C, Bandai Visual Company.

Origin: Japan

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