Escape from Chernobourg (1999) IMDb

01:15:00 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy | IMDb rating: 5.3

Keywords: Independent Film, Low Budget Film, Martial Arts.


The Cosmic Space Ninja has been damned to a thousand years of forced labor on the surface of the dismal planet of Chernobourg. His captor is the maniacle Birsk, who schemes to enslave the entire universe. The Cosmic Space Ninja is quick to escape and flee to the countryside, where he must rely on his wits to survive bands of warring barbarians as well as Birsk's pursuing evil minions. All the while, he must construct some sort of plan with which to escape from the planet.

Director(s): Michael A. Martinez,

Writer(s): Michael A. Martinez, David Wood.


Studio: Scythe Productions.

Origin: USA

Budget: 2,000 $

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