Frankenstein Unbound (1990) IMDb

Frankenstein Unbound

01:22:00 | Drama, Horror | IMDb rating: 5.2

Keywords: 1800s, 1810s, 19th Century, 2030s, Accused Of Witchcraft, Alternative Reality, Automobile, Based On Novel, Book, Byron, Character Name In Title, Child Murder, Court, Courtroom, Doctor Frankenstein, Dream, Empire Fashion, Experiment, Future, Futuristic, Hanging, Heart Ripped Out, Independent Film, Laser, Locket, Madness, Mary Shelley, Monster, Murder, Older Man Younger Woman Relationship, Percy Shelley, Playing God, Rampage, Science, Scientist, Severed Arm, Sex, Switzerland, Talking Car, Time Travel, Trial, Village.


The ultimate weapon which was meant to be safe for the mankind produces global side effects including time slides and disappearances. The scientist behind the project and his car are zapped from the year 2031 to 1817's Switzerland where he finds Dr Victor Frankenstein and his contemporaries.

Director(s): Roger Corman,

Writer(s): Brian Aldiss, Roger Corman, F.X. Feeney.
Producer(s): Jay Cassidy. Roger Corman. Kobi Jaeger. Laura J. Medina. Thom Mount.


Studio: The Mount Company.

Origin: USA

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