The Thirteenth Floor (1999) IMDb

The Thirteenth Floor

01:40:00 | Mystery, Thriller | IMDb rating: 6.8

Keywords: 1930s, 2020s, Actor Playing Multiple Roles, Alternative Reality, Ambiguous Ending, Answering Machine, Ballroom Dancing, Bartender, Based On Novel, Beautiful Woman, Begins With A Quotation, Bottle Of Pills, Cashier, Cat, Clock, Cocktail, Consciousness, Cyberpunk, Dance, Dance Contest, Deja Vu, Detective, Drumming, Elevator, Escalator, Female Singer, Flashlight, Future, Hermetic World, Hollywood Sign, Jealousy, Lasersight, Letter, Limousine, Martini, Money, Morgue, Murder, Newspaper, Night Club, Number In Title, Oil Field, Orchestra, Parallel World, Piano, Pill, Pistol, Point Of View, Rain, Reality, Recursion, Reference To Descartes, Remake, Research, Sadism, Serial Killer, Shot In The Head, Simulated Reality, Simulation, Some Scenes In Sepia, Soul, Stabbing, Starts With Narration, Supermarket, Surprise Ending, Swimming Pool, Switchblade, Taxi, Telephone, Time Travel, Trunk, Twenty Dollar Bill, Underwater, Virtual Reality, Wristwatch, Writing A Letter.


Computer scientist Hannon Fuller has discovered something extremely important. He's about to tell the discovery to his colleague, Douglas Hall, but knowing someone is after him, the old man leaves a letter in his computer generated parallel world that's just like the 30's with seemingly real people with real emotions. Fuller is murdered in our real world the same night, and his colleague is suspected. Douglas discovers a bloody shirt in his bathroom and he cannot recall what he was doing the night Fuller was murdered. He logs into the system in order to find the letter, but has to confront the unexpected. The truth is harsher than he could ever imagine...

Director(s): Josef Rusnak,

Writer(s): Daniel F. Galouye, Josef Rusnak, Ravel Centeno-Rodriguez.
Producer(s): Roland Emmerich. Ute Emmerich. Kelly Van Horn. Helga Ballhaus. Michael Ballhaus. Marco Weber.


Studio: Centropolis Film Productions, Centropolis Film Productions.

Origin: Germany

Budget: 16,000,000 $

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