Dream Parlor (1999) IMDb

Dream Parlor

01:38:00 | | IMDb rating: 6.4

Keywords: Dark City, Dream, Fighter, Independent Film, Lucid Dream, Paranormal.


Years ago, the burgeoning one-world government announced its intention to implant Identification Chips, IDCs, into the right hand of every man, woman, and child on the planet. Fearing this threat to personal freedoms, the People fought back ... The People Lost ... Two decades later, Citizen 11811, Elijah Barrett, a man torn between destiny and assimilation, rises to challenge the System. He uses his rank and position to sabotage public executions and to feed and shelter the less-fortunate Non-Citizens. When a close friend disappears, Eli's search leads him to the Dream Parlor, a Citizen-exclusive facility, developed by Doctor James Corbit, which induces lucid dreams. Venturing into the darkened corners of his soul, Eli is enticed by the love of a beautiful woman ... and haunted by the image of a mysterious man. But as government violence grows in intensity, Eli is caught tampering with classified documents and tagged as a fugitive...

Director(s): Jonathan Lawrence,

Writer(s): Christopher Andrews, Jonathan Lawrence.
Producer(s): Frank Antonelli. Mark Byers. Mike Dahl. Norman Dewmer.


Studio: Timeless Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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