I epithesi tou gigantiaiou mousaka (1999) IMDb

01:30:00 | Comedy | IMDb rating: 4.0

Keywords: Actor Playing Female Role, Anti Conformity, Athens Greece, Campy, Extraterrestrial, Flying Saucer, Gay Interest, Gay Kiss, Homosexuality, Kitsch, News Satire, Panic, Parody, Reporter, Satire, Trash, TV News, UFO, Victim.


Around the year 2000, a terrible occurence shocks the city of Athens: a huge piece of moussaka appears on the city streets, spreading panic and death. Everyone keeps wondering: why, where, how, for what reason? But no one can give an answer...

Director(s): Panos H. Koutras,

Writer(s): Panos Evagellidis, Yorgos Korontsis, Panos H. Koutras.
Producer(s): Ion Constas. Martien Coucke.


Studio: 100% Synthetic Films.

Origin: Greece

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