Muppets from Space (1999) IMDb

Muppets from Space

01:27:00 | Comedy, Family | IMDb rating: 6.1

Keywords: Alien, Beach, Bear, Brain, Brain Surgery, Break In, Breakfast, Cement Mixer, Crushed By Door, Eagle, Escape, Fight, Fish, Flying Saucer, Friendship, Frog, Government Installation, Hollywood Sign, Invisibility Spray, Jacuzzi, Journalist, Kicked In The Crotch, Lab Rat, Loneliness, Mad Scientist, Maze, Outer Space, Pig, Rat, Reporter, Retina Scan, Roof, Rubber Duck, Sandwich, Security Guard, Sequel, Spacecraft, Spaceship, Stonehenge, Surrealism, The Muppets, UFO, X Rayed Skeleton.


After Gonzo receives messages from his breakfast cereal, he determines that he is an alien and tries to contact his alien brethren, but is captured by an overzealous secret government agency determined to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. It's up to Kermit and the gang to rescue Gonzo and help reunite him with his long-lost family.

Director(s): Tim Hill,

Writer(s): Jerry Juhl, Joey Mazzarino, Ken Kaufman.
Producer(s): Stephanie Allain. Martin G. Baker. Kristine Belson. Timothy M. Bourne. Brian Henson. Alex Rockwell.


Studio: Columbia Pictures, Jim Henson Company, The, Columbia Pictures.

Origin: USA

Budget: 24,000,000 $

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