Virus (1999) IMDb


01:39:00 | Action, Horror, Thriller | IMDb rating: 4.5

Keywords: Abandoned Ship, Alarm, Alien, Alien Invasion, Anchor, Astronaut, Barge, Based On Comic, Based On Comic Book, Body Part, Bomb, Box Office Flop, Cargo, Chase, Chess, Computer, Corpse, Cosmonaut, Cybernetics, Dark Horse Comics, Dead Body, Death, Deserter, Drink, Drinking, Drowning, Dying, Ejection Seat, Electricity, Electrocution, Evil, Exploding Body, Exploding Ship, Explosion, Exposed Brain, Face Tattoo, Fear, Gore, Grenade, Gun, Gun In Mouth, Haunted Ship, Helicopter, Hole In Chest, Hurricane, Husband Wife Relationship, Insurance, Machine Gun, Military, Mir Space Station, Missile, Nail Gun, Navigator, Nightmare, Ocean, One Word Title, Pirate, Pursuit, Rescue, Rescue At Sea, Revolver, Rivalry, Robot, Robot As Menace, Rocket Launcher, Russian, Salvage, Scientist, Sea, Seagull, Sense Of Smell, Ship, Shooting, Shot In The Chest, Shot In The Face, Shot In The Forehead, Shot In The Head, Shot In The Leg, Shot Through The Mouth, Shot To Death, Sick Bay, Sinking Of A Tugboat, Sole Black Character Dies Cliche, South Pacific, Space Station, Spacecraft, Stabbed In The Leg, Stabbing, Stitches, Storm, Storm At Sea, Suicide, Suicide Contemplation, Torture, Transmitter, Tugboat, Typhoon, Uzi, Violence, Virus, Weapon, Wound.


When a typhoon cripples their boat, the crew sails into the eye of the storm, where they discover a high-tech Russian communications and research vessel adrift. Only one Russian crew member is still alive, raving about "intelligent lightning." They soon discover that an alien life form has taken over the ship's computers and is churning out mechanical warriors. With their own boat destroyed, the crew must battle the creature as the ship reenters the storm.

Director(s): John Bruno,

Writer(s): Chuck Pfarrer, Chuck Pfarrer, Dennis Feldman.
Producer(s): Gale Anne Hurd. Dennis E. Jones. Todd Moyer. Mike Richardson. Gary Levinsohn. Mark Gordon. Chuck Pfarrer. Bud S. Smith.


Studio: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Dark Horse Entertainment, Marubeni, Mutual Film Company, Tele München Fernseh Produktionsgesellschaft (TMG), Toho-Towa, UGC PH, Universal Pictures, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Origin: USA

Budget: 75,000,000 $

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