Bridge of Dragons (1999) IMDb

Bridge of Dragons

01:32:00 | Action, Romance | IMDb rating: 4.2

Keywords: 666, Abduction, Action Hero, Anti Hero, Army, Army Base, Asian Woman, Assassin, Assassination Attempt, Bandit, Bare Chested Male, Bare Chested Male Bondage, Battering Ram, Battle, Bazooka, Beautiful Woman, Betrayal, Binoculars, Blood, Blood On Camera Lens, Blood On Shirt, Blood Spatter, Car Accident, Card Game, Church, Cigarette Smoking, Combat, Cult Favorite, Death Of Parents, Deception, Dictator, Disguise, Doctor, Duel, Escape, Evil Man, Exploding Body, Exploding Helicopter, Exploding Truck, Explosion, Fainting, Faked Death, Falling From Height, Female Fighter, Fictional Country, Fictional War, Fight To The Death, Film Starts With Text, Fire, Fist Fight, Full Moon, Gash In The Face, General, Grenade Launcher, Gun, Hand Grenade, Hand To Hand Combat, Handcuffs, Handgun, Held At Gunpoint, Helicopter, Helicopter Chase, Helicopter Crash, Hit In The Crotch, Honor, Horse, Independent Film, Interracial Relationship, Jeep, Jumping From Height, Karate, Karate Chop, Katana Sword, Kendo, Kicked In The Face, Kicked In The Groin, Kicked In The Stomach, Kingdom, Knife, Knife Throwing, Knocked Out With A Gun Butt, Loyalty, Machine Gun, Maid, Martial Arts, Massacre, Mercenary, Military, Mirror, Motorcycle, Mp 40 Machine Gun, Murder, Nazi, Net, On The Run, One Man Army, Opening Action Scene, Palace, Pistol, Poison, Priest, Princess, Rebel, Rebellion, Refusal, Rescue, Retaliation, Revenge, Rifle, Righteous Rage, Sex Slavery, Shootout, Shot In The Arm, Shot In The Back, Shot In The Chest, Shot In The Face, Shot In The Forehead, Shot In The Head, Shot In The Leg, Shot In The Shoulder, Shot In The Side, Shot To Death, Showdown, Silencer, Slow Motion Scene, Sniper Rifle, Soldier, Split Lip, Stabbed In The Chest, Stabbed To Death, Stick Fight, Suicide Attempt, Sword, Sword Fight, Tank, Threatened With Knife, Throat Slitting, Tommy Gun, Tough Girl, Tough Guy, Traitor, Unwanted Marriage, Veteran, Village, Villain Turns Good, Violence, Warrior, Wedding, Wedding Dress, Woman Beater, Woman In Jeopardy, Woods.


The tough and cold mercenary Warchild, is working for the man who took care of his war training and upbringing, the greedy General Ruechang. Ruechang is planning to take over the country by marrying Princess Halo. But Halo discovers that Ruechang killed her father to gain more power than he had working for the King, so she decides to run away. Warchild is the one who has to bring her back to Ruechang, but the one thing no one counted on happens... Warchild and Halo falls in love, and together they take on the forces of Ruechang...

Director(s): Isaac Florentine,

Writer(s): Greg Latter, Carlton Holder, Clint Lien.
Producer(s): Avi Lerner. Danny Lerner. Danny Dimbort. Trevor Short. Nissim Almog. Yoram Barzilai. Boaz Davidson. Clint Lien.


Studio: Martien Holdings A.V.V., Martien Holdings A.V.V..

Origin: USA

Budget: 4,000,000 $

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