Geonchugmuhan yugmyeongagcheui bimil (1998) IMDb

01:48:00 | Mystery | IMDb rating: 4.3

Keywords: Based On Poem.


Without knowledge of how the theory of "ki" works, this movie is impossibly confusing. According to Eastern thought, ki has several sources, one of them being nature. Places that have a constant flow of ki can be located by the study of the terrain. These places are sought out when one is searching for a grave site, house location..etc. Between 1910 and the end of WWII, Korea was occupied by Japan. The Japanese invaders tried to eliminate the Korean culture while colonizing the peninsula. Korean language was forbidden as were traditional clothes. The invaders also tried to destroy the flow of Korean ki by driving iron spikes into the ground. (Iron is able to disrupt the flow.) Occasionally these spikes can be found and removed from sacred places even today and the belief in ki is still strong. Western viewers may also be confused about the term "cube" in this movie's title as...

Director(s): Sang-wook Yu,

Writer(s): Yong-min Jang.


Studio: Jimaek Films.

Origin: South Korea

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