Small Soldiers (1998) IMDb

Small Soldiers

01:48:00 | Action, Adventure, Comedy | IMDb rating: 5.9

Keywords: Action Figure, Actor Shares First Name With Character, Ambush, Anger Management, Animatronic, Artificial Intelligence, Attack, Baseball Bat, Battle, Blockbuster, Bound And Gagged, Boy, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Brawl, Brother Sister Relationship, Car Chase, Cat, Chainsaw, Chase, Combat, Comic Book, Computer, Creature, Crossbow, Destruction, Disarming Someone, Dog, Doll, Drugged Drink, Duct Tape Over Mouth, Dynamite, Electro Magnetic Pulse, Electrocution, Entrepreneur, Exploding Helicopter, Explosion, Family Relationships, Father Daughter Relationship, Father Son Relationship, Fictional War, Fire, Fireball, Fish Tank, Fist Fight, Flamethrower, Garage, Gunfight, Hand To Hand Combat, Helicopter, Helicopter Crash, Hero, Hiding, Hiding In A Closet, Hostage, House, Husband Wife Relationship, Internet, Irreverence, Karate, Karate Kick, Kiss, Knife, Knife Fight, Knife In The Thigh, Laser, Love, Machete, Machine Gun, Male Female Relationship, Martial Arts, Megacorporation, Microchip, Military, Mother Daughter Relationship, Mother Son Relationship, Motorcycle, Nail Gun, Net, Part Animated, Part Computer Animation, Password, Product Placement, Rescue, Rescue Mission, Rocket, Rocket Launcher, Satellite Dish, Satire, Scene After End Credits, Science Runs Amok, Search, Ship, Shootout, Showdown, Siege, Sleeping Pill, Slingshot, Small Town, Soldier, Suburbia, Surprise After End Credits, Technology, Teen Angst, Teenage Hero, Teenager, Telescope, Television, Tennis Racket, Threatened With A Knife, Tied Up, Tight Jeans, Tough Girl, Tough Guy, Toy, Toy Comes To Life, Toy Designer, Toy Soldier, Toy Store, Tree, Troubled Teen, Videotape, Violence, Warehouse, Watching TV, Weapon, Wilhelm Scream, Wolf Whistle.


15-year-old Alan Abernathy, the son of a toy store owner, tries out some new action figures: The Commando Elite vs. The Gorgonites. But three months ago, a toy company believes it is onto something when it employs the latest government military technology in a series of action figures, enabling them to talk. They underestimate the power of the special micro chips they've employed, however, as the two opposing sides of the toy line start thinking for themselves and engaging in real combat! The Commando Elite vow to wipe out the Gorgonites in a suburban neighborhood. Alan, his neighbor Christy Fimple, (on whom he has a massive crush) with the help of the kind Gorgonites, must protect his home and family from the Commandos.

Director(s): Joe Dante,

Writer(s): Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Gavin Scott, Adam Rifkin.
Producer(s): Michael Finnell. Colin Wilson. Paul Deason. Walter F. Parkes.


Studio: Amblin Entertainment, DreamWorks SKG, Amblin Entertainment.

Origin: USA

Budget: 40,000,000 $

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