The Faculty (1998) IMDb

The Faculty

01:44:00 | Horror, Mystery | IMDb rating: 6.3

Keywords: Air Conditioner, Alien, Alien Creature, Alien Invasion, Alien Organism, Alien Possession, Allergy, American Football, Amphibian, Bare Chested Male, Beautiful Woman, Biting A Finger, Bleachers, Blood, Bloody Nose, Body Snatcher, Body Snatching, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Camera, Car Crash, Car On Fire, Chase, Cheerleader, Cigarette Smoking, Classroom, Climbing Out A Window, Computer, Corpse, Dead Body In A Closet, Decapitation, Disembodied Head, Dissection, Drinking On The Job, Drug Dealer, Drug Manufacturing, Drug Snorting, Dummy, Ear Bleeding, Editor In Chief, Explosion, Extraterrestrial, Face Slap, Faculty, Faculty Lounge, Fake Id, Falling Off A Roof, Family Relationships, Father Son Relationship, Fear, Female Rear Nudity, Fish Tank, Flag Pole, Flashback, Flask, Foot Chase, Football Coach, Football Field, Football Practice, Football Stadium, Football Team, Freeze Frame, Gash In The Face, Geek, Goth Girl, Gym, Hazing, Held At Gunpoint, Hiding In A Closet, High School, High School Football, High School Love, High School Newspaper, High School Principal, High School Senior, High School Student, High School Teacher, Hit In The Crotch, Hit With A Broom, Husband Wife Relationship, Indoor Swimming Pool, Jock, Killing An Alien, Killing An Animal, Lab Rat, Laboratory, Lightning, Locker Room, Loneliness, Loner, Long Tongue, Male Female Relationship, Microscope, Mind Control, Monster, Mother Son Relationship, Muscle Car, Nerd, Nose Ring, Ohio, Outcast, Paper Cutter, Paranoia, Parasite, Photograph, Photographer, Pistol, Police Car, Porn Magazine, Punched In The Face, Rain, Reference To George Lucas, Reference To Robinson Crusoe, Reference To Steven Spielberg, Reference To Time Magazine, Regeneration, Roadblock, Satire, School Bus, School Library, School Mascot, School Nurse, Severed Finger, Severed Head, Shot In The Forehead, Shower, Skinny Dipping, Small Town, Stabbed In The Chest, Stabbed In The Eye, Stabbed In The Hand, Stabbed To Death, Stabbed With A Pen, Stabbed With A Pencil, Stabbed With Scissors, Suspected Lesbian, Teacher Student Relationship, Teen Angst, Teen Horror, Teen Movie, Teenage Boy, Teenage Girl, Teenage Hero, Tentacle, Thrown Through A Windshield, Title Spoken By Character, Topless Female Nudity, Transformation, Underwater Scene, Violence, Water, White Mouse, Woman With Glasses, Worm.


A horror tale set in a High School where the students suspect the teaching staff of being aliens, who are intent on making the students their victims.

Director(s): Robert Rodriguez,

Writer(s): David Wechter, Bruce Kimmel, Kevin Williamson.
Producer(s): Bob Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein. Elizabeth Avellan. Bill Scott. Tamara Smith. Robert Rodriguez.


Studio: Dimension Films, Dimension Films.

Origin: USA

Budget: 15,000,000 $

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