Rub Love (1998) IMDb

01:29:00 | Romance, Thriller | IMDb rating: 6.1

Keywords: Amnesia, Assassin, Cartoonist, Female Nudity, Memory Loss, Merry Go Round, Sex, Shootout, Unrequited Love, Violence.


In 2028, the cartoonist Han Cho falls for his neighbour Nana. But Nana is an assassin. He professes his love for her but she doesn't care. By accident Han Cho finds an amnesia-inducing drug which he uses to spike Nana's drink. With her memory blanked out, Nana is told that she is Han Cho's girlfriend.

Director(s): Suh-Goon Lee,

Writer(s): Suh-Goon Lee.
Producer(s): Kyung Sang Hwang.



Origin: South Korea

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