Rewind (1998) IMDb


01:32:00 | Thriller | IMDb rating: 3.9

Keywords: Independent Film, Virtual Reality.


Mansart, a former terrorist imprisoned (Bova), is asked by the authorities to help them to understand the new wave of terrorism across Europe. Mansart accepts, with the sustain of a psychologist (Detmers) to explore his own past with all the rage and the pain that it implies. But the guilty is not so far...

Director(s): Sergio Gobbi,

Writer(s): Ettore Pasculli, Roberto Bessi, Luca Biglione, Luca Biglione, Silvana Buzzo, Sergio Gobbi.
Producer(s): Alessandro Parenzo. Maurizio Pastrovich. Gianni Sarago.


Studio: France International Films, Jiby Productions, Les Films de l'Astre, Société Générale de Gestion Cinématographique (SGGC), France International Films.

Origin: Italy

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