Pin-saro byôin 2: Nô-pan joi (1998) IMDb

01:00:00 | Comedy, Romance | IMDb rating: 5.9

Keywords: Abduction, Black Lingerie, Black Stockings, Blindfold, Blow Job, Cap, Collision Course, Color In Title, Comet, Cunnilingus, Digit In Title, Erotica, Fellatio, Female Doctor, Female Masturbation, Female Scientist, Garter, Group Sex, Humanity In Peril, Japanese Woman, Location In Title, Masturbation, No Panties, Number In Title, Nurse, Nurse Uniform, Oral Sex, Orgy, Pink Cinema, Pinku Eiga, Portmanteau, Psychokinesis, Research Center, Second In Series, Second In Tetralogy, Secret Place, Series, Sex With Doctor, Sex With Nurse, Sexploitation, Sexual Experiment, Softcore, Telekinesis, Telekinetic Sex, Uniform, White Coat, Woman In Uniform, Working Out, Year 1999.


A comet is on a collision course with Earth. Cynical and indifferent nihilist loner Wataru is kidnapped and taken to a secret hospital where chief scientist Dr. Ohora informs Wataru that he possesses a special psychic power called Sexual Psychokinesis that could help save mankind. Wataru has to make love to Ikuko, a sweet and virginal young lass with the same psychic powers, in order to effectively avert Armageddon.

Director(s): Yukio Kitazawa,

Writer(s): Mitsuru Fukudawara, Akira Fukuhara.
Producer(s): Mitsuru Fukudawara. Mitsuru Fukudawara.


Studio: Shintoho Company.

Origin: Japan

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