Rupan sansei: Honô no kioku Tokyo Crisis (1998) IMDb

Rupan sansei: Honô no kioku Tokyo Crisis

01:35:00 | Action, Animation, Comedy | IMDb rating: 7.3

Keywords: Character Name In Title, Clone, Resort, Sequel, Terrorist, Theme Park, Tokyo Japan.


In Tokyo, Japan it's a matter of days for the theme park resort, AquaLand to open on August 1st. Micheal Susuki, owner of the resort owns part of the set of photographic plates that are linked to a hidden fortune. Lupin is after these photograph plates himself, Jigen is unable to concentrate on his shooting skills due to his tooth ache, Goemon has teamed up with Fujiko for his own reasons, while Zenigata is accompanied by a journalist named Maria, who's given permission to tag along with him to make an article on him. Maria however is not your average young journalist, as she has the ability to see visions of upcoming events. It's all a mystery until it's August 1st.

Director(s): Toshiya Shinohara,

Writer(s): Monkey Punch, Monkey Punch.
Producer(s): Gen Fukunaga.


Studio: FUNimation Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment.

Origin: Japan

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