Sleeping Dogs (1998) IMDb

01:30:00 | | IMDb rating: 3.5

Keywords: 21st Century, Cat Burglar, Criminal, Czechploitation, Factory, Hijacking, Independent Film, Jewel Thief, Los Angeles California, Police Raid, Spaceship, Thief.


A master jewel thief in 21st century Los Angeles targets the illegal emerald smuggling operations of a highly-connected crime syndicate. During what he believes to be a routine heist, cat burglar Harry Maxwell discovers that his target, notorious criminal Sanchez Boon is also the target of a police raid. In attempting to evade both the law and Boon's well-armed men, Harry meets Pandora Grimes, one of dozens of young women Boon kidnapped to work in his factory. When Boon sets a group of social deviants free and hijacks a space transport ship and its crew, only Harry and Pandora's cunning can save the hundreds of innocent people aboard.

Director(s): Michael Bafaro,

Writer(s): Chris Hyde.
Producer(s): Lloyd A. Simandl. Lloyd A. Simandl. Deborah Thompson Duda. Suzanne Daley. Michelle Gahagan. Barry Lee. Michael Rogers.


Studio: North American Pictures.

Origin: Canada

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