Pi (1998) IMDb


01:24:00 | Drama, Thriller | IMDb rating: 7.5

Keywords: Alienation, Ant, Apophenia, Ark Of The Covenant, Atonement, Avant Garde, Bathroom, Bathroom Sink, Beach, Beachcomber, Blood, Bloody Nose, Board Game, Brain, Broken Mirror, Brooklyn New York City, Burning Paper, Calculator, Camera, Chaos Theory, Chase, Chinatown Manhattan New York City, Chinese American, Chinese Checkers, Cigarette Smoking, Code, Codene, Coffee, Coincidence, Computer, Computer Chip, Computer Crash, Coney Island Brooklyn New York City, Conspiracy, Crutch, Cult Favorite, Darkness, Death, Delusion, Door Lock, Drilling Into A Skull, Drugs, Electric Drill, Evidence, Eyes, Fibonacci, Financial Conspiracy, Fish, Game, Game Of Go, Garden Of Eden, Gematria, Genius, Geometry, Go The Game, God, Golden Ratio, Golden Rectangle, Golden Spiral, Grocery Store, Gun, Hair, Hasidic Jew, Headache, Hebrew, Independent Film, Injection, Insanity, Intuition, Jew, Jewish, Judaism, Kabbalah, Key, Kite, Landlady, Liar, Lie, Loner, Low Budget Film, Madman, Madness, Manhattan New York City, Mathematical Equation, Mathematical Formula, Mathematician, Mathematics, Metal Detector, Microscope, Migraine, Mirror, Mysticism, Nature, Nautilus Shell, Neighbor, New York City, Newspaper, Numbers, Numeric Code, Numerologist, Numerology, Obsession, One Word Title, Orthodox Jew, Paranoia, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Pattern, Photographer, Pi, Pills, Power Fuse, Prayer, Punched In The Face, Purity, Rabbi, Rectangle, Reference To Archimedes, Reference To Euclid, Reference To Icarus, Reference To Leonardo Da Vinci, Religion, Repeated Line, Schizophrenic, Science, Seashell, Self Mutilation, Shaved Head, Singer, Singing, Snorricam, Song, Spiral, Staring At The Sun, Stock Market, Stroke, Subway, Sun, Supermarket, Surrealism, Surveillance, Symbol For Title, Tai Chi, Talmud, Teacher Student Relationship, Telephone Call, Telescope, Ten Commandments, Theta, Title Spoken By Character, Torah, Trail Of Blood, Tree Of Knowledge, Voice Over Narration, Vomit, Yom Kippur.


Max is a genius mathematician who's built a supercomputer at home that provides something that can be understood as a key for understanding all existence. Representatives both from a Hasidic cabalistic sect and high-powered Wall Street firm hear of that secret and attempt to seduce him.

Director(s): Darren Aronofsky,

Writer(s): Darren Aronofsky, Darren Aronofsky, Darren Aronofsky, Sean Gullette, Sean Gullette, Eric Watson.
Producer(s): Tyler Brodie. Scott Franklin. David Godbout. Katie King. Richard Lifschutz. Randy Simon. Jonah Smith. Scott Vogel. Eric Watson.


Studio: Harvest Filmworks, Plantain Films, Protozoa Pictures, Harvest Filmworks.

Origin: USA

Budget: 60,000 $

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