Kraa! The Sea Monster (1998) IMDb

Kraa! The Sea Monster

01:09:00 | | IMDb rating: 3.2

Keywords: Alien, Biker, Evil Plot, Italian Accent, Men In Black, Midget, Sea Monster, Space, Space Station.


Lord Doom, evil master of Proyas, the Dark Planet, sends Kraa the Sea Monster to Earth as part of his plan to dominate the galaxy. To keep the meddling hands of the Planet Patrol out of his scheme, he incapacitates their nearby space station. Fortunately, the alien agent Mogyar is on hand to land on Earth to stop the giant sea-beast. Accidentally landing in New Jersey rather than Italy (where scientists could have helped Mogyar build a weapon to stop Kraa), Mogyar must overcome his stereotypical Italian accent and strange appearance in order to ally with nearby humans to save the day.

Director(s): Aaron Osborne, Dave Parker,

Writer(s): Benjamin Carr.
Producer(s): Charles Band. Kirk Edward Hansen. Rob Martin. Steve Sechrest.


Studio: Monster Island Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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