Last Night (1998) IMDb

Last Night

01:35:00 | Comedy, Drama, Romance | IMDb rating: 7.3

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It's 18:00 in a somewhat deserted Toronto on the last day before the scheduled end of the world at midnight, the end which has been known now for months. Most people are treating midnight as a matter-of-fact event with little sense of panic. In fact, many are celebrating this last day. Most have very specific wants for this last day and will do whatever they need to to make those wants happen. And some, such as Duncan and Donna with the gas company, are working, ensuring that the masses are served and comfortable during the final hours. The Wheeler family are marking the last day by having a Christmas party, although sullen adult son Patrick, his thoughts in part stemming from being recently widowed, has made it clear he wants to be alone in his own home at the end. Patrick's wants may be in jeopardy when a woman named Sandra - Duncan's wife - lands on his doorstep. Sandra is stranded...

Director(s): Don McKellar,

Writer(s): Don McKellar.
Producer(s): Caroline Benjo. Joseph Boccia. Niv Fichman. Daniel Iron. Jennifer Jonas. Sheena Macdonald. Carole Scotta. Barbara Willis Sweete. Larry Weinstein. Nathan Lafionatis.


Studio: Canada Television and Cable Production Fund, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC), Cineplex, Haut et Court, La Sept-Arte, Rhombus Media, Canada Television and Cable Production Fund.

Origin: Canada

Budget: 2,000,000 $

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