The Sender (1998) IMDb

The Sender

01:38:00 | Action | IMDb rating: 3.9

Keywords: Independent Film.


In 1965, an American fighter squadron encountered a spaceship while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. After getting into a brief dogfight with it, one of the fighters is shot down, and the others agree to keep what they've seen a secret. Years later, the downed aircraft is recovered, and the son of the missing pilot insists on seeing it. Soon, strange ocurrences start happening around the son and his family. Could there be any connection with what his father witnessed?

Director(s): Richard Pepin,

Writer(s): Nathan Long, Richard Preston Jr..
Producer(s): Joseph Merhi. Richard Pepin. Rick Kerrigan. Michael Madsen. Sam Sleiman. Paul G. Volk.



Origin: USA

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