RoboCop 2 (1990) IMDb

RoboCop 2

01:22:00 | Action, Crime | IMDb rating: 5.4

Keywords: Action Hero, AK 47, Android, Animatronic, Automatic Pistol, Bad Guy, Battle, Beating, Beautiful Woman, Betrayal, Blood, Blood Spatter, Bloody Body Of A Child, Bloody Violence, Bone Saw, Boy, Brain, Brawl, Bribery, Brutal Cop, Brutal Violence, Bullet Carom Shot, Business, Character Name In Title, Child Boss, Child Murder, Child Swearing, Child Uses Gun, Chinese Restaurant, Combat, Comic Relief, Confrontation, Corpse, Corruption, Crime Fighter, Cult Favorite, Cyberpunk, Cyborg, Cynicism, Death, Desert Eagle, Designer Drug, Detroit Michigan, Disarming Someone, Disembodied Brain, Disembowelment, Drainpipe, Drug Dealer, Drug Trade, Dying Words, Dystopia, Elvis Presley, Evil Child, Evil Scientist, Exploding Car, Extreme Violence, Fictional Drug, Fight, Fighting, Fist Fight, Future, Gatling Gun, Giant Robot, Gold Bullion, Good Versus Evil, Gore, Goth, Gothic, Gun Battle, Gun Fu, Gunfight, Gunslinger, Hand To Hand Combat, Hero, Hit With A Baseball Bat, Independent Film, Irish American, Killer Child, Killer Robot, Laboratory, Law Enforcement, Looting, M 16, Machine Gun, Male Female Relationship, Man With Glasses, Martial Arts, Maverick Cop, Megacorporation, Mixed Caps In Title, Mixed Martial Arts, Money, Murder, Name In Title, No Opening Credits, No Title At Beginning, Nose Ring, One Against Many, One Man Army, Police, Police Brutality, Police Officer Killed, Police Strike, Policewoman Killing, Psychopath, Punk Kids, Quick Draw, Rampage, Revenge, Rioting, Robbery, Robocop, Robot, Robot As Pathos, Rocket Launcher, Rogue Cop, Satire, Science Runs Amok, Second Part, Semiautomatic Pistol, Sequel, Shootout, Shot, Shot In The Eye, Shot In The Forehead, Shot Through The Eye, Showdown, Skirt Suit, Stabbed In The Eye, Stop Motion Animation, Stop Motion Scene, Stylized Violence, Superhero, Technology, Throwing Food, Title Spoken By Character, Torture, Tough Girl, Tough Guy, Uniform, Video Arcade, Violence, Warehouse, Warrior, Wrestling.


After a successful deployment of the Robocop Law Enforcement unit, OCP sees its goal of urban pacification come closer and closer. But as this develops, a new narcotic known as "Nuke" invades the streets led by God-delirious leader Kane. As this menace grows, it may prove to be too much for Murphy to handle. OCP tries to replicate the success of the first unit, but ends up with failed prototypes with suicidal issues... until Dr. Faxx, a scientist straying away from OCP's path uses Kane as the new subject for the Robocop 2 project, a living God.

Director(s): Irvin Kershner,

Writer(s): Edward Neumeier, Michael Miner, Frank Miller, Frank Miller, Walon Green.
Producer(s): Jane Bartelme. Patrick Crowley. Jon Davison. Phil Tippett.


Studio: Orion Pictures Corporation, Orion Pictures Corporation.

Origin: USA

Budget: 35,000,000 $

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