Virtual Encounters 2 (1998) IMDb

Virtual Encounters 2

01:23:00 | | IMDb rating: 2.9

Keywords: Anus, Bare Breasts, Bare Butt, Erotica, Female Frontal Nudity, Female Nudity, Independent Film, Lesbian Sex, Male Frontal Nudity, Male Nudity, Nudity, Second Part, Sequel, Sex, Softcore, Vagina, Virtual Eroticism, Virtual Sex.


A nerdish computer-type stumbles upon a virtual computer program that puts the viewer right into the experience. His roommate convinces him to use it as a sex-type program and sell folks various sexual "experiences." Meanwhile, the nerd aspires to date a girl he's too shy to approach, and hopes the virtual encounter program will help him out.

Director(s): Cybil Richards,

Writer(s): Lucas Riley.
Producer(s): Charles Band. Don Pascual. Angela Plasschaert.


Studio: Surrender Cinema, Surrender Cinema.

Origin: USA

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