New Rose Hotel (1998) IMDb

New Rose Hotel

01:33:00 | Drama, Mystery | IMDb rating: 4.5

Keywords: Betrayal, Brothel, Cyberpunk, Defection, Falling From Height, Female Nudity, Flashback, Friendship, Future Noir, Genetic Engineering, Hotel, Independent Film, Italian Woman, Kidnapping, Murder, Nudity, Prostitution, Spy.


Maas and Hosaka are two large Corporations in the future world. They are fighting to get control over the best minds of the world. The best is Hiroshi and at the moment he is working for the Maas Corporation. Fox has accepted an offer to persuade Hiroshi to go over to the Hosaka Corporation. Sandii is a little Italian girl from Japan and she should be the way to get to Hiroshi. X is the man who should train Sandii to break Hiroshi's Heart. But if X falls in love with Sandii? And if the Hosaka Corporation breaks the agreement? And if Sandii is not a little Italian girl?

Director(s): Abel Ferrara,

Writer(s): William Gibson, Abel Ferrara, Christ Zois.
Producer(s): Edward R. Pressman. Adam Brightman. Alessandro Camon. Milena Cannaro. Jay Cannold. Willem Dafoe. Christian Halsey Solomon. Christopher Walken. Gregory G. Woertz.


Studio: Edward R. Pressman Film, Edward R. Pressman Film.

Origin: USA

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