Six-String Samurai (1998) IMDb

Six-String Samurai

01:31:00 | Action, Adventure, Music | IMDb rating: 6.5

Keywords: Bowling Pin, Boy, Cannibalism, Child Driving Car, Cold War, Concealed Weapon, Death, Desert, Glasses, Grim Reaper, Guitar, Guitarist, Independent Film, Indiana Jones Spoof Scene, Katana Sword, Las Vegas Nevada, Man With Glasses, Martial Artist, Martial Arts, Musical Duel, Mutant, Nuclear War, Orphan, Orphan Boy, Parasol, Post Apocalypse, Red Elvises, Reference To Elvis Presley, Rock Music, Rockabilly, Spoof, Sword, Sword Fight, Wasteland.


A mysterious and powerful hero of the classic kind, Buddy is as skilled with his guitar as he is with his samurai sword. Thrown together with a kid whom he saves in a spectacular battle, the two of them must now escape their enemies and reach "Lost Vegas," the rock 'n' roll capital of this future world.

Director(s): Lance Mungia,

Writer(s): Jeffrey Falcon, Lance Mungia.
Producer(s): Michael Burns. Leanna Creel. Jennifer Orme Erwin. Jeffrey Falcon. Lance Mungia. Bob Roath.


Studio: HSX Films, Overseas FilmGroup, HSX Films.

Origin: USA

Budget: 2,000,000 $

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