Sex Files: Alien Erotica (1998) IMDb

Sex Files: Alien Erotica

01:39:00 | | IMDb rating: 5.1

Keywords: Alien, Aphrodisiac, Babe Scientist, Beautiful Woman, Blonde, Erotica, Federal Agent, Female Frontal Nudity, Female Masturbation, Female Nudity, Lesbian, Lesbian Sex, Lesbianism, Nudity, Nymphomania, Planet, Plant, Possession, Redhead, Sex, Sex In Bathroom, Sex In Kitchen, Sex Standing Up, Softcore, Spaceship, Stripper, Telekinetic Sex, Topless Female Nudity, Woman On Top.


An alien fungus takes on a body and jumps from woman to woman, draining men of their sexual energies while inducing nymphomania in the women whose form it takes. A pair of intrepid government agents must track her down and stop her.

Director(s): Rolfe Kanefsky,

Writer(s): Rolfe Kanefsky.
Producer(s): Alain Siritzky.


Studio: Alain Siritzky Productions.

Origin: USA

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