Abre los ojos (1997) IMDb

Abre los ojos

01:57:00 | Drama, Mystery, Romance | IMDb rating: 7.8

Keywords: Accidental Shooting, Acting, Actress, Amnesia, Anorexia, Arm Wrestling, Bare Breasts, Beating, Beautiful Woman, Birthday, Blood, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Car Accident, Car Crash, Cartoon On TV, Cat, Caterer, Children, Church, Coca Cola, Coma, Computer, Contract, Cryogenic Technology, Cryonics, Dancer, Dancing, Death, Death Of Father, Death Of Mother, Deus Ex Machina, Disfigurement, Doctor, Drawing, Dream, Dream Sequence, Dream Sequence Within A Dream Sequence, Dream World, Dreaming, Drink, Drinking, Drug Overdose, Drunkenness, Eyes, Facial Prosthesis, Famous Line, Father Son Relationship, Female Nudity, Fibrosis, Flash Forward, Flashback, Frenchman, Friend, Friendship, God, Gun, Immortality, Imperative In Title, Infection, Insane Asylum, Interview, Jealousy, Kiss, Lawyer, Love, Makeup, Male Female Relationship, Mask, Memory, Mental Hospital, Metaphor, Mime, Monster, Mother Son Relationship, Murder, Nightclub, Nightmare, Nudity, Pajamas, Paranoia, Park, Photograph, Pills, Plastic Surgery, Playboy, Police, Policeman, Prison, Prison Cell, Prosthesis, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Racket Ball, Reference To Jules Verne, Reference To The Phantom Of The Opera, Reference To Walt Disney, Remote Control, Resurrection, Rhinoplasty, Rooftop, Running, Secretary, Security Guard, Self Pity, Sense Of Sight, Sex, Shooting, Shower, Smothering, Subconscious, Subjective Camera, Suffering, Suffocation, Suicide, Surgeon, Surgical Operation, Surrealism, Symbolism, Syringe, Talking While Driving, Tied Up, Toilet, Topless Female Nudity, Tranquilizer, TV Interview, Vanishing, Vanity, Vertigo, Virtual Reality, Voice Over Narration, Vomit, Watching TV, Wealth.


The handsome and wealthy César is very successful with women and is having difficulties getting rid of Nuria, his last affair. His best friend, Pelayo, is unlucky with women and jealous of César. At his birthday party, César meets the gorgeous and sexy Sofia, currently dating Pelayo, but they are immediately attracted to each other and spend the night together in her apartment. The next morning, César finds Nuria outside of Sofia's building, and he accepts her offer of a ride home. However, she commits suicide, crashing her car against a wall, but César survives the crash with his face completely disfigured. The doctors do not have the technology to restore his face and César is absolutely depressed and missing Sofia. One night, César meets Sofia and Pelayo in a bar but he drinks too much and passes out on the street. However, the next morning, Sofia finds César on the street and kisses him...

Director(s): Alejandro Amenábar,

Writer(s): Alejandro Amenábar, Mateo Gil.
Producer(s): Ana Amigo. Fernando Bovaira. José Luis Cuerda. Andrea Occhipinti. Alain Sarde.


Studio: Canal+ España, Las Producciones del Escorpión S.L., Les Films Alain Sarde, Lucky Red, Canal+ España.

Origin: Spain

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