Harald (1997) IMDb


01:28:00 | Comedy | IMDb rating: 6.5

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Harald is an alien tourist who visits the earth on a three week package tour. As he bought the cheapest ticket, he only got a very ordinary guest body. Nevertheless he tries to learn as much as possible about human life and thus tries to get into contact with Rica. When she realizes that Harald's wired story about being an alien is true she gives him shelter in her house. When Harald meets Rica's ex-boyfriend Friedo and a couple of Rica's friends, he starts lots of confusion as he is notoriously honest and never lies to be polite. Also, his fear of the dark causes various misunderstandings.

Director(s): Jürgen Egger,

Writer(s): Jürgen Egger.
Producer(s): Thomas Häberle. Claudia Loewe. Thomas Martin. Jolyon Symonds.


Studio: Kinowelt Filmproduktion, Süddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR), Kinowelt Filmproduktion.

Origin: Germany

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