Expect to Die (1997) IMDb

00:00:00 | Action, Crime | IMDb rating: 4.1

Keywords: Alley, Bar, Bar Fight, Car Explosion, Computer, Computer Game, Cop, Crime Boss, Farmhouse, Female Nudity, Female Underwear, Government, Houseboat, Husband Wife Relationship, Illegal Weapon, Male Underwear, Martial Arts, New York City, Police Officer, Police Officer Killed, Revenge, Title Spoken By Character, Undercover, Video Game, Virtual Reality, Warehouse.


The military has been testing a new Virtual Reality fighting simulator, but testing is abruptly canceled when a soldier loses his life during the action. Its creator, Dr. Vincent MacIntyre, goes underground to continue developing the device, until detective Justin Blake and his partner Stone break into the syndicate to stop them. However, they are too late, and the new simulator is even deadlier than the first!

Director(s): Jalal Merhi,

Writer(s): J. Stephen Maunder, Kevin Lund.
Producer(s): Jalal Merhi. Alan M. Solomon. Khaled Homaidan. Anthony Mazzei. Denise Mesko.


Studio: Amsell Entertainment, Film One, Amsell Entertainment.

Origin: Canada

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