Bleak Future (1997) IMDb

Bleak Future

01:13:00 | Action, Comedy, Horror | IMDb rating: 4.9

Keywords: Future, Independent Film, Post Apocalypse, Post Nuclear.


The end is here. Civilization has collapsed. Technology has been forgotten, and History is Hearsay. Slangman is the smartest man in the known world. Together with the mute, spear-wielding Scotsman known as Atlatl and the beautiful yet dim actress, Femme, he must find The Source, a legendary oracle of ancient technology. But the evil archaeologist Dr. Obvious conspires with the sinister mutant bounty hunter Malathion Man to reach The Source first.

Director(s): B. Scott O'Malley,

Writer(s): Steven Darancette, B. Scott O'Malley.
Producer(s): Marc Campos. Steven Darancette. B. Scott O'Malley. B. Scott O'Malley.


Studio: AnARcHy 101 Productions.

Origin: USA

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