Gattaca (1997) IMDb


01:46:00 | Drama, Romance | IMDb rating: 7.8

Keywords: Accident, Acronym In Title, Ambition, Artificial Insemination, Assault, Astronaut, Autopsy, Baby, Bare Butt, Beach, Beaten To Death, Beating, Birth, Blackmail, Blood, Blood Brothers, Blood Test, Blurry Vision, Body Scrub, Broken Back, Broken Leg, Brother Brother Relationship, Cellular Biology, Childbirth, Children, Chronic Illness, Cigarette Smoking, Class System, Cleanliness, Cloud, Comb, Computer, Concert, Conformity, Convertible, Coward, Crime Scene, Cripple, Cross, Dancing, Death, Deception, Discrimination, Disease, Dream, Drink, Drinking, Drug Test, Drunkenness, Dystopia, Engineering, Esperanto, Eugenics, Exercise, Family Relationships, Father Son Relationship, Fertilization, Finger Imprinting, Fingerprint, Flashback, Fleeing, Fraud, French Riviera, Future, Future Noir, Gene Manipulation, Genetic Engineering, Genetic Enhancement, Genetic Profiling, Genetic Testing, Genetics, God, Gyroscope, Hair, Hand With Six Fingers, Health, Heart Condition, Heart Failure, Hit By Car, Hospital, Illness, Impostor, Investigation, Investigator, Iq, Irony, Janitor, Kiss, Locker Room, Longevity, Makeover, Male Female Relationship, Male Nudity, Marriage, Master Racism, Medal, Mission Director, Mistaken Identity, Morgue, Murder, Myopia, Natural Childbirth, Navigator, Nearsightedness, Nightclub, Nudity, One Word Title, Out Of Breath, Pain, Paraplegic, Penis, Perfection, Photograph, Pianist, Piano, Police, Police Detective, Policeman, Prejudice, Presumed Dead, Pursuit, Quarantine, Recital, Rescue, Restaurant, Riviera, Scrubbing A Body, Self Immolation, Sex Scene, Shaving, Shower, Sibling Rivalry, Skin Care, Skinny Dipping, Solar System, Space Launch, Space Travel, Specimen, Spiral Staircase, Spying, Subjective Camera, Subterfuge, Suicide, Superiority, Surgery, Surprise Ending, Suspect, Suspicion, Swimming, Telescope, Titan, Title Spoken By Character, Toilet, Toilet Cleaner, Treadmill, Tunnel, Underwater Scene, Undressing, Urination, Urine Sample, Vacuum Cleaner, Vial Of Blood, Violence, Voice Over Narration, Vomit, Walking In Front Of A Car, Wanted Poster, What If, Wheelchair, Wine.


In the not-too-distant future, a less-than-perfect man wants to travel to the stars. Society has categorized Vincent Freeman as less than suitable given his genetic make-up and he has become one of the underclass of humans that are only useful for menial jobs. To move ahead, he assumes the identity of Jerome Morrow, a perfect genetic specimen who is a paraplegic as a result of a car accident. With professional advice, Vincent learns to deceive DNA and urine sample testing. Just when he is finally scheduled for a space mission, his program director is killed and the police begin an investigation, jeopardizing his secret.

Director(s): Andrew Niccol,

Writer(s): Andrew Niccol.
Producer(s): Danny DeVito. Georgia Kacandes. Joshua Levinson. Gail Lyon. Michael Shamberg. Stacey Sher.


Studio: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Columbia Pictures Corporation.

Origin: USA

Budget: 36,000,000 $

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