2103: The Deadly Wake (1997) IMDb

01:40:00 | | IMDb rating: 3.4

Keywords: 2100s, Captain, Independent Film, Nigeria, Number In Title, Prison, Prison Ship, Sabotage, Ship Captain, Suspense, Toxic Waste, Year In Title.


Proxate Corporation recruits a boozy former ship captain and offers him a new identity: Sean Murdoch. His job: to take charge of large ship on one voyage. Once aboard, Murdoch realizes that the ship is a prison ship, and the cargo are criminally insane inmates. Murdoch's other problem: someone has planted bombs aboard the vessel. Murdoch's acrimonious relationship with the prison warden lends extra drama to the story.

Director(s): Philip Jackson,

Writer(s): Philip Jackson, Doug Bagot, Andrew Dowler, Timothy Lee.
Producer(s): Demerise J. Lafleur. Daniel D'Or. David A. Steinberg.


Studio: 1119773 Ontario Inc., Danforth Studios, Producers Network Associates, 1119773 Ontario Inc..

Origin: Canada

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