Mosura 2 - Kaitei no daikessen (1997) IMDb

Mosura 2 - Kaitei no daikessen

01:37:00 | Fantasy | IMDb rating: 5.2

Keywords: Creature, Creature Feature, Giant Insect, Giant Monster, Giant Moth, Japan, Miniature People, Monster, Monster Movie, Moth, Mothra, Sea Monster, Second Part, Sequel, Shobijin, Tokyo Japan.


Three kids join Mothra's priestesses on a journey to find the Lost Treasure of Nilai Kinai, an ancient lost "under-the-sea" civilization in hopes of preserving the Earth's declining environment. Pollution has unyielded the evil monster Dagahra, a monster seemingly too powerful for Mothra to vanquish. As a result, the environment's fate lies in the hands of the Lost Treasure.

Director(s): Kunio Miyoshi,

Writer(s): Masumi Suetani, Tomoyuki Tanaka.
Producer(s): Shogo Tomiyama. Hiroaki Kitayama.


Studio: Toho Pictures Inc..

Origin: Japan

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