Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo, kimi ni (1997) IMDb

Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo, kimi ni

01:27:00 | Action, Animation, Drama | IMDb rating: 8.0

Keywords: Ambiguous Ending, Anime, Anti Hero, Apocalypse, Bittersweet, Breaking The Fourth Wall, Brutal Violence, Caress, Childhood Memory, Childhood Trauma, Classical Music, Death, Death Squad, Depression, Despair, Dismemberment, Dream, End Of The World, Evolution, Eye Bandage, Father Son Relationship, Gore, Graphic Violence, Hate, Hope, Hopeless Cause, Impalement, Infiltration, Insanity, Kiss, Live Action Sequence, Loneliness, Love Hate Relationship, Masturbation, Mecha, Mechanic, Memory, Mother Figure, No Ending Credits, Nonlinear Timeline, Nudity, Outer Space, Philosophy, Psychological Torment, Psychological Trauma, Reality, Rebirth, Regeneration, Return To Earth, Ritual, Self Hatred, Semen, Sequel To TV Series, Sexual Attraction, Sexual Reference, Shot In The Head, Splatter, Strangulation, Stream Of Consciousness, Suicide Attempt, Surrealism, Symbolism, Will To Live.


NERV faces a brutal attack from SEELE, but with Asuka in a coma, and Shinji in a nervous breakdown, things soon turn into the surreal. This movie provides an concurrent ending to the final two episodes of the show "Neon Genesis Evangelion".

Director(s): Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsurumaki,

Writer(s): Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi, Kazuya Tsurumaki, Amanda Winn Lee.
Producer(s): Mitsuhisa Ishikawa. Miyuki Nanri. Margo Coughlin Zimmerman. Marvin Gleicher. Tsuguhiko Kadokawa. Tsuguhiko Kadokawa. Norio Ikeguchi. Takuma Kuramasu. Jason Lee. Amanda Winn Lee. Hiroyuki Yamaga.


Studio: Gainax, Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Movic, Production I.G., Project Eva, Sega, Star Child Recording, Toei Animation, Gainax.

Origin: Japan

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