Breeders (1997) IMDb


01:30:00 | Horror | IMDb rating: 2.4

Keywords: Alien, B Movie, College, Crystal, Disappearance, Female Nudity, Independent Film, Janitor, Meteor, Professor, Student, Teacher Student Relationship, Tense.


It's an invasion of the most personal and terrifying kind. When a meteorite crash lands onto a Boston college campus and an alien beast is released, only one man understands its mission to mate. From the depths of an all girls college, the grotesque monster stalks his prey in a cat-and-mouse chase until the final conflict where only one species can survive.

Director(s): Paul Matthews,

Writer(s): Paul Matthews.
Producer(s): Robert E. Baruc. Janet Blandford. Elizabeth Matthews. Gareth Rowlands. Veronica Russell.



Origin: UK

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