Habitat (1997) IMDb


01:43:00 | Fantasy | IMDb rating: 4.6

Keywords: Bare Chested Male, Bare Chested Male Bondage, Biological Experiment, Bully, Bully Comeuppance, Dark Future, Dystopic Future, Environment, Environmental Disaster, Environmentalism, Female Nudity, Genetic Mutation, Heat, High School Romance, Hostile Environment, Male Nudity, Mutant, Mutation, Ozone Layer, Set In Future, Skinny Dipping, Sun, Switchblade, Transformation, Vision Of The Future.


In a future world where Earth's ozone layer has been completely destroyed, a brilliant but obsessed scientist, Hank Symes uses illegally obtained biological materials for an experiment that he hopes will save the world. In the course of his work, a terrible accident occurs, transforming him into a fantastic otherworldly lifeform and changing his house into a huge living entity which threatens all who enter.

Director(s): Rene Daalder,

Writer(s): Rene Daalder.
Producer(s): Claude Léger. Pieter Kroonenburg. Rene Daalder. René Malo. Denis Wigman.


Studio: August Entertainment, Ecotopia, Kingsborough Pictures, August Entertainment.

Origin: Canada

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